Manly - Save Our Wildlife!

The fate of our wildlife rests in your hands. In the next two weeks, Mike Baird could push through land-clearing laws that would put koalas and other wildlife on the fast-track to extinction. We need to turn out in force to stop these changes!

Contact Mike Baird and ask him to scrap his land-clearing laws!

p. 9976 2773

e. [email protected]

With hundreds of people like yourself calling, the Premier's office is busy so you might be asked to contact the Premier online instead. However, you're within your rights to politely insist on leaving a message over the phone. Let us know you called and the outcome of your call below.


Key points you might like to raise:

  • Please scrap your land-clearing changes - these have little to do with biodiversity conservation and everything to do with fast-tracking land clearing and property development.
  • The experts have warned these laws will “increase the rate of species extinctions”.
    • The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, including Professor Hugh Possingham, one of the NSW Biodiversity Review Independent Panel’s four members, wrote this in a letter of concern sent to all NSW MPs.
  • For too long Mike Baird has allowed the National Party to write our environment policy. It’s time for our Premier to stand up with the majority who support strong protections for our wildlife and bushland. 

  • If these laws go through there will likely be a rush to clear. This will be embarrassing for the government, and make them look like environmental vandals.

Did you contact Mike Baird? Let us know how it went!