No Trees: No Prosperity - Rally at Mike Baird's 'State of the State' Speech

On Friday 19 August NSW Premier Mike Baird will deliver the keynote address at the annual NSW State of the State conference hosted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA).
In his address, Premier Baird will outline his government’s agenda across sectors central to the State’s economic and social prosperity, such as transport, health, and education.
But what about our environment and the health of our ecosystems? Will these be recognised by the Premier as key factors driving the ongoing prosperity of our state? We very much doubt it.
On 19 August, come and join us for a special event in Darling Harbour, to deliver a special message to our NSW Premier:
‘The health of our environment, our native vegetation and our biodiversity are vital to the economic and social prosperity of NSW! Premier Baird- Don’t gut our land clearing laws!’
Your presence at this event is vital and we look forward to seeing you there.
Please share widely with your networks and encourage others to come!
Click here for a map of Palm Grove, Darling Harbour.
For more information on public transport and parking options at Darling Harbour, click here.
August 19, 2016 at 11:30am - 12:30pm
Palm Grove, Darling Harbour
Sydney, NSW 2000
Corinne Fisher ·
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Will you come?