Our solution


Recently, the NSW government passed new laws that will unleash a wave of tree clearing across the state. Many of our most iconic animals like koalas, quolls and pygmy possums are already on the brink. Sadly, these new laws could be the final straw.
But right now, we have an important opportunity to safeguard our most endangered wildlife and habitats from the bulldozers. The fine print of the new rules is still being decided, so make sure Premier Berejiklian knows you’re watching.

We are calling on Premier Berejiklian to safeguard the future of our unique wildlife, and our healthy soils and water resources by:

  • Protecting and enhancing our pure water supplies, healthy soils, productive farmlands and the health, abundance and variety of our wildlife 
  • Ruling out a return to broad-scale tree clearing 
  • Ruling out clearing bushland critical as endangered wildlife habitat 
  • Paying farmers who protect wildlife, healthy soils and pure water supplies
  • Ruling out offset schemes that let developers to destroy wildlife habitat in exchange for cash or dissimilar types of habitat 
  • Maximising carbon pollution capture and storage by native bushland, and
  • Mapping all the state's 1500 vegetation types so we can protect them properly.
Tell Premier Gladys Berejiklian: keep our endangered wildlife and their homes off limits from clearing!

Sign this quick petition for the forests, trees and animals that could disappear.