Healthy trees = healthy communities

It's not just trees and wildlife in rural areas that are in the NSW government's sights.

Bushland remnants and landmark trees in Sydney and in towns across NSW are also at risk.

Under Premier Baird's leadership, we we lost thousands of trees in a misguided drive for more rapid "development".

First, his 10/50 code allowed people to cut down thousands of trees to improve their views.

Then he approved the destruction of hundreds of trees to make way for his big infrastructure projects.

Now the Biodiversity Conservation Act is set to fast-track land-clearing approvals to appease big agribusiness and property developers.

It's death by a thousand cuts. People are fed up with losing their precious bushland and landmark trees.

We need strong, effective conservation laws that will stop the loss of trees and bushland across our state. The NSW government's new Biodiversity Conservation Act is is not good for biodiversity or conservation. It deliberately undermines both.